10 Things You Need While Travelling

Whether you are travelling for work, a visit or a vacation, there are items we each need to carry with us. Travelling to new places is not intimidating if you prepare and pack appropriately. It is better to be prepared than to be caught unaware. These are the 10 things you need while travelling.

1.Versatile clothes

The means of travel you use will determine the clothes you wear and pack. The clothes you wear while travelling by car, bus or train are dependent on the weather as you travel. Research on how hot or cold the weather will be as you travel. If the weather is expected to be hot you should wear light and breathable clothes. Cold weather will require you to put on heavy and warm clothes. Regardless of the weather, the clothes you have need to be comfortable. It is advisable that you carry a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage in case the weather drastically changes. Planes are typically cold especially at night. Pack items such as scarfs, sweaters and shoals that you will wear and remove as and when the air in the plane changes.  

2. Toiletries

Toiletries are by far, the easiest to forget at home because of their variety. They include;

  • A toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss
  • Body soap, shampoo and dental floss
  • Deodorant or anti-perspirant
  • Body lotion, cologne or perfume
  • A razor, tweezers and nail clippers
  • Medication
  • Sunscreen, bug repellent and afterbite
  • Sewing kit and bobby pins
  • Travel towel

These items are a plus if there are multiple stops or long delays.

A travel bag, while not necessary, is great for the organisation of your toiletries. A good toilet bag should have multiple compartments and if available, a hook for convenience.

Keep in mind that airports have strict guidelines on the bottle size and liquid quantity you have in your carry-on luggage. Your size is limited to 100ml or 3.4 ounces.    

3. Water bottle

When travelling via train, bus or personal vehicle, you have no assurance that you will get water when you need to hydrate. A water bottle works in your favour when using these means of transport.

Travelling via plane is more complicated. Guidelines prohibit carrying liquids through security. You will have to fill up your water bottle after the security checks. Some airports have water fountains but in most you will have to buy bottled water.

4. Travel pillow

Frequent and long-distance travellers understand that travel pillows are an essential travel item for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Using a travel pillow especially when you sleep keeps your neck stable and avoids a stiff or sore neck. A travel pillow takes up space in your carry on but it is a small price to pay compared to the benefits you gain.  

5. Comfortable footwear

Walking is a part of every travel experience. The footwear you choose will either enhance or diminish your experience. Uncomfortable footwear will leave your feet tired, in pain or with sores and blisters. Wear and carry shoes that offer arch support and well cushioned internal soles. This kind of shoe supports your feet and your back throughout the day. Avoid pointed shoes when travelling because of the resultant damage on your toes. Your likelihood of getting bunions and blisters is increased by wearing pointed shoes. Opt for wide, rounded shoes instead because they are more comfortable.

Carrying and wearing socks is helpful because they are absorbent and keep your feet and toes dry, fresh and warm.

6. A portable monitor

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A portable monitor is a dual screen for the laptop. When travelling, we prefer to carry small, portable laptops because they are light to carry and easy to store in our luggage. While this kind of laptop is convenient, working on it is not. The small screen causes strain on your eyes as you keenly stare at it. Navigating through multiple opened tabs and multi-window views breaks the flow of your work. You can solve this problem by carrying your portable monitor. Working on the go is easier and faster because you simply connect the monitor and use it simultaneously with your laptop.

7. Charger

A charger is necessary if you intend on using the devices you travel with such as a phone, laptop or portable monitor. Store the chargers in your carry-on luggage on the off chance that your check-inn luggage is misplaced. Furthermore, you might want to charge your devices at the airport. Some planes, trains and buses also have outlets for you to charge from.

8. An adapter and converter

When travelling abroad, research on the outlets and voltage your intended destination uses. Different countries tend to have outlets that differ in shape from the plug of your device. Because of this, you will not be able to charge and use your devices. An adapter helps bridge this gap. A disparity in electricity voltage will likely damage your device. A converter or transformer fixes this problem by converting the electricity from the outlet into the voltage needed by your devices.

9. Travel documents

This seems like an obvious necessity but it cannot be stressed enough. If you have a storage bag or pouch the better. Carry with you your passport, visa document if it is not in the passport, your travel ticket and your hotel or apartment details. Depending on your destination and the country you depart from, you will also need a vaccination card. Countries with strict vaccination guidelines will deny you entry if you do not present this card.

10. Travel accessories

Over and above the items discussed, you need accessories to make you relax and enjoy the journey. These include,

  • Ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones
  • Eye mask
  • Eye drops
  • Moisturiser such as Vaseline
  • Notebook and pen
  • Novel or reading material
  • Pocket tissue and wet wipes

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