Why You Should Own a Portable Monitor?

Portable monitors are an incredible invention. They are an adaptable piece of hardware that makes your digital life simple and flexible. People have started using these screens like crazy. More and more companies are bringing their own version of portable monitors to the market.

For many people, these pieces of hardware have become an integral part of their lives. For them, these pieces add to their productivity. If you are working on your smartphone and need a bigger space to reflect on your presentation, a portable monitor is the best thing to go for. Transfer images and presentations to the monitor at the swipe of your fingers. In fact, there are many benefits of using the portable monitor.


Of course, portability is the biggest selling point of these monitors. You can carry them anywhere. They are lightweight, thin and flexible. You can just tuck the monitor in your backpack or bag and get on with work.

You are not forced to confine yourself to the office or house in order to visualize your work better. Sure, you have your laptop and smartphone, but do they add to your screen size? They don’t.

It Adds To Your Screen Size

This may well be the biggest utility of a portable monitor. Working on your computer, laptop and even smartphone becomes a breeze if you have a big display. A portable monitor adds to the screen size of your laptop or computer.

Work on any device and visualize the work in the portable display. You can attach this monitor to a variety of devices such as laptops, CPU etc. No need to carry big screens or projectors. You can add up to 14 screens using Windows Multipoint Server. If you need a big screen space such as while working for presentations etc, a portable monitor is ideal for you.  

It Occupies Less Space

These are not just portable devices, they occupy less space too. Want to use it during a journey! Just plug in the USB to the laptop and start getting all the feed from your laptop to it. Thin screens bereft of accessories occupy less space than even laptops.

What really sets them apart from laptops is that they are way less bulky compared to laptops. This is why they occupy less space. So, you get the freedom of space.

It Saves Power

It saves a lot of power. You don’t even need a separate power chord to connect to it. It just has a USB port which you can use for charging as well as linking with the mother display such as your laptop, computer etc.

You need to connect the chord to the device you would be using. So, definitely power consumption is low. Power wastage too is less. Whether there is any charging point or not in your vicinity does not make a difference. It does not need an independent power source. The power of the device you are using is enough to power it through the USB.

It is Easy to Set Up and Assemble

It is easy to set up a portable monitor and get it working. This makes it a very convenient piece of hardware for different exhibitions and shows. It offers a lot of functionality.

You can get pop up a stand that makes it an easy stand-alone display. It is also a durable piece of hardware that makes it amenable to rough use. You don’t need to carry projectors or set up big television sets in trade shows or exhibitions. Few flexible and portable monitors are enough to serve your purpose.


Resolution is important since a portable monitor is available in a minimum of HD resolution. You can get Full HD resolution monitors as well as higher. However, the higher you go in terms of resolution, the higher the price you need to pay. Yet, an FHD resolution is enough for most computer-based work.

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