Benefits Of Sleeping on Your Body

Our brains are wired to recognize processes and register all our surroundings and process our thoughts, feelings and reactions all through the day. This cognitive function of the brain slows down when one falls asleep. Sleep is considered as a state where awareness and rapid movement is reduced.

There are two known stages of sleep, first there is the non-rapid eye movement when you’re slowly falling asleep and your brain is relaxing, then the rapid eye movement where one transitions into deep sleep. At this point the brain uses less energy hence your heart rate and body temperature falls.

The body needs this sleeping period in order to recharge and resume full brain activity after the rest making sleeping a crucial part of your daily functions.

Benefits of sleeping

  • Proper brain function. Sleeping enables your brain to shut down and get some rest which sharpens your brain making it free to process new information and store up new memories.
  • Good for blood flow. Sleep requires your body to be in a flat state which is good for your blood flow. The body uses less pressure to pump blood slowing your blood pressure consequently reducing the chances of your heart being overworked.
  • Improves on mood swings. During sleep the brain gets a chance to process your emotions. If you cut short your sleep then some emotions are left unprocessed hence bad mood swings and the good ones come from the fully processes emotions.
  • Resets blood sugar levels. In the deep sleep state, glucose level in your blood drops which allows it to reset when you wake up making the chances of you getting type 2 diabetes low.
  • Better physical performance. Sleep allows your muscles to relax and repair while you’re in a deep sleep state considered to be a state of numbness which in turn boosts your energy levels when you wake up making your athletic performance that much better.
  • Better mental performance. When your job group requires 12 hours of constant brain activity like a psychiatrist, a teacher, an executive, engineer and many other competitive fields; your body demands an equal amount of rest and sleep to be able to unload the excess stress for good functioning without the help of dangerous or addictive stimulants.
  • Healthy body size. When your leptin and ghrelin hormones are out of balance due to lack of enough sleep it messes with your appetite leaving vulnerable your resistance for junk food. With enough water, good eating time and enough sleep, your body gets to be in good shape.

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How to ensure good sleep?

  • Turn off the lights while sleeping.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake level.
  • Keep a consistent sleeping time.
  • Avoid long naps during the day.
  • Spend more time outside during the day.
  • Exposure to bright light in the morning

Sleep is good for health improvement and stability of your mental state. Good sleep enables your body and mind to act according to what is expected of them and lack of it there of is detrimental to your health.

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