10 Best Floor Jacks for Automobile Enthusiasts in 2019

A floor jack is an amazing tool for repairing your cars, SUVs, trucks, and automobiles. There are so many options in 2-ton, 3-ton, 4 -ton, lightweight aluminum and heavy-duty jacks in the market. And there are low profile jacks, high lift, hydraulic and portable jacks and even steel jacks.

How do you find the best floor jack among so many options? This is where our comprehensive review of the top 10 options will come in use.

ProductsWeight(pounds)FeatureCheck Price
Powerzone 38004459.1Quick lifting hydraulic systemBuy Now
Torin Big Red20.4Safety overload systemBuy Now
Arcan ALJ3T56Dual pump pistonsBuy Now
Performance Tool W164554Double-pump mechanismBuy Now
Blackhawk B635085Heavy duty steel constructionBuy Now

Our Top Pick- Powerzone 380044 Jack

10 Best Floor Jacks for Automobile Enthusiasts in September 2018

The Powerzone 380044 has long been one of the best selling floor jacks in the market. And it’s easy to see why. This unit is one of the most well-rounded floor jacks, combining portability with strength, a high lift with a fairly low profile, and a quick lifting mechanism with solid safety features.

It has a maximum lifting capacity of 3 tonnes, which is par for the course. Also, the unit provides a lift range of between 4 and 18 ¼ inches. So, in combination with the max lifting capacity, you can basically lift all normal vehicles with ease.

One of this unit’s biggest strengths is its lifting arm. Made out of steel, the arm is designed for insanely heavy lifting. Also, it’s sturdy design provides stability while you’re doing all that heavy-duty work.

The unit comes with a quick lift hydraulic mechanism. It is designed to help you get jobs done faster by enhancing the lifting speed. In our trials with this machine, we found it to be a convenient addition. Home users will appreciate the time and effort

It is especially loved by both casual and professional users for its safety features. It is housed in a saddle with rubber padding which enables the frame to be protected at all times. The quick-lifting mechanism comes fitted with a safety valve designed to prevent any overloading issues.

There are numerous portability features that come with it. One of them being rear swivel wheels. They make positioning the jack for work easy.

You can also remove the handle to make the jack more compact. This makes storage and transportation simpler. That’s why people who need to be on the move are drawn to this jack the most.


  • 3-tonne lifting capacity
  • Steel arm for durability & strength
  • Quick lift dual-cylinder hydraulic system
  • Swivel wheels for portability & positioning
  • Removable handle makes storage easy


  • The handle may be hard to pump at times
  • The 4-inch low profile may be problematic for lower, sportier automobiles.

This is a versatile, well-priced, high-grade floor jack that is fit for the needs of everyone from auto enthusiasts to most professionals.

Torin Big Red Trolley Floor Jack – #1 Affordable Option

It seems to be designed to be used with bigger vehicles. It has a great max lifting capacity. And, more importantly, it has a big maximum height, to get up those vehicles with high ground clearance.

It is equipped with a neck that’s longer than almost all other jacks. This makes it easier to lift vehicles that are higher, such as SUVs and trucks. To be precise, the lift range is between 6” and 21”. As you can see, handling low-sitting vehicles like sports cars may be an issue, SUVs and trucks are this machine’s forte.

The unit provides a maximum weight capacity of 3-tons. This is enough to enable you to comfortably work on most vehicles. We were able to lift a variety of big passenger automobiles without once threatening to reach its max capacity.

There are swivel casters located beneath this tool. Unlike most other floor jacks, they come with a 360-degree swivel feature which makes it easy to use and maneuver.

The 3-ton weight capacity, longer neck, and maneuverability features allow you to get the most bang for your bucks with this Torin jack.


  • Swivel casters & 360-degree swivel for simpler maneuverability
  • Maximum weight capacity of 3-tonnes
  • Long neck for lifting higher vehicles
  • 6”-21” of lift range available
  • Affordable price


  • Jack plate is more compact than some were hoping for

If you’re planning to work on bigger, higher vehicles like SUVs and pick-up trucks, look no further than this red beast.

Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack – Best Low Profile Floor Jack

Arcan is known for their cutting-edge floor jacks that set benchmarks in build quality and functionality in a compact offering.

The Arcan ALJ3T isn’t an exception. Offering a maximum weight capacity of 3 tonnes at an extremely light weight of 56 lbs, this floor jack is one of the best-performing ones on the market at the moment. The 3 tonnes max capacity should be enough to lift most cars, SUVs, trucks and the likes, while the 56-pound weight will keep moving and operating the device conveniently.

The company has elegantly found a single solution to make this unit both light and extremely durable. It is made from anodized aluminum, which is tough, light and, frankly, quite pleasing on the eye. the see-through polish only adds to the suave, space-edge aesthetic of the aluminum body, while the holes cut in the side of the body further reduce the weight without compromising on stability and strength.

Arcan offers a dual pump piston feature on this tool, which came in really handy during our time using it. It works well to increase the speed of lifting and reduces the effort required to lift it.

Its lift range goes from a very low profile of  3.6” to a quite impressive 19.4”. In our experience, the range worked well for a variety of vehicles, low exotic & sports cars to most high pick-ups with high ground clearance.

Despite all of these other features, possibly the most important features that Arcan has equipped this floor jack with are the safety measure. The lift arm has been reinforced to boost the strength of the jack and control the chassis’s torsion. The hydraulic ram and jack are protected from ever being used beyond the maximum weight capacity. This is due to the bypass and overload valves that have been integrated. They stop it from being extended too far.

To prevent the hydraulics from being contaminated, piston dust shields have been incorporated. As a result, it is more durable and likely to last you for the long-run. Anyone after a jack that’s reliable over a long period of consistent use should be interested in this one.

For hassle-free maneuverability, Arcan has equipped this tool with swivel casters on the rear and front. They use a ball bearing-mounted mechanism which makes moving the jack and keeping it stable underweight easier.

All of the components and frame of this tool are protected by the saddle pad.


  • Easy maneuverability
  • Hydraulics prevents from being contaminated
  • Dual pump pistons for faster lifts
  • Reinforced arm increases the strength
  • 3-ton weight capacity
  • Very durable


  • Fluid can be prone to leaking
  • Steep price

If a reliable, high-quality floor jack is what you’re after, and you don’t mind shelling out for a good product, this is the one for you.

Performance Tool W1645 Professional

One of the most heavy-duty units on the list, this option has been designed to provide superior functionality in a tough packaging.

It provides a maximum capacity of about 3.5 tonnes, which should work with almost all kinds of passenger vehicles, and is a cut above the industrial standards. More importantly, it weighs about a 100 pounds, so obviously, Performance Tools has tailored it to serve as a heavy-duty workhorse to meet serious lifting demands in professional settings.

What’s more exciting is it’s extremely low profile and an impressive lifting range. In our run with it, we were able to obtain a lift range of between 3 ½ and 20 ½”. This is almost unheard of for most commercially available floor jacks since the profile is quite low and goes fairly high.

The double pump piston system is a real game-changer for people looking to skimp on time and effort. It ensures that the jack lifts very quickly with lesser effort.

Of course, with a machine meant for heavy-duty professional usage, safety has to be of prime concern. The maker has included an overload protection bypass valve to protect in scenarios of the jack overloading. While we didn’t need the use of the bypass valve during our tests, from our experience with this safety feature, we’re sure this will be a reliable addition to this unit.

The frame is longer than most other jacks for a reason. It provides more stability, which makes it safer for you to use. Same goes for the strong steel material used to build it. While it does render it heavy to move around, it adds a strength and durability amiss from lighter materials.

The swivel casters and carry handles to enable you to transport and maneuver it with relative ease.


  • Good lift range
  • 3.5-ton weight capacity
  • The double-pump mechanism for faster lifting
  • Bypass valve to prevent overloading
  • Longer frame for stability
  • Strong steel frame


  • The pump handle is shorter than expected
  • On the heavier side

If you’re a professional mechanic or an automobile enthusiast looking for a professional-grade tool, look no further.

Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack

Blackhawk’s B6350 is an affordable high-performing floor jack. Weighing in at 85 pounds, it is not light by any stretch of the imagination. But considering that you get a maximum lifting capacity of a whopping 3.5 tonnes, the body weight may be a just compromise.

The steel used to construct this floor jack, while definitely adds to the product’s weight, is heavy-duty and provides it with tremendous strength and stability. It certainly adds to the build quality and makes it trustworthy to use in professional settings. The rolled side frames work to increase the overall strength and stability of this.

The fast-lift mechanism that’s built-in allows you to lift vehicles quicker. While professionals won’t care much for this, casual home users will appreciate the time and effort saved.

This Blackhawk B6350 Service includes a bypass valve. This works to stop any over pumping problems from arising.

To make maneuverability easier, the saddle has a swivel feature and it has casters on the rear. This makes positioning the jack under a vehicle simpler and more accurate.

The 9/16 bolt on it can be loosened in order to remove the handle. This allows you to detach the arm from the jack to make it more compact and easier to store away. People who are tight on storage space will appreciate this removable handle feature the most.


  • Removable arm for simpler storage
  • Swivel feature on the saddle for easy positioning & maneuverability
  • Strong steel construction
  • Bypass valve to prevent over pumping
  • Rolled side frames keep it stable


  • Very high profile, will cause issues with lower vehicles
  • The instructions included could be improved

Go for this floor jack if you’re looking for a sturdy, strong unit at an affordable price point.

JEGS 80006 Jack

The JEGS 80006 is the best aluminum option. Good-looking and extremely light, it provides a mind-boggling combination of very low profile and an impressive max lifting height.

This JEGS tool has a low-profile design of 3 ½”. Therefore, you can get under most vehicles without any problems. You can take it to a height of 19 ¼”, which gives you plenty of clearance underneath to work.

Weighing in at a breezy 49 pounds, it provides a modest lifting capacity of 2 tons, below par for its category. But it more than makes up for it with its portability and its utility to DIY home users and auto enthusiasts. It’s easy to move around, aided by the two body handles and caster wheels, and will do the lifting job well for users using it with personal vehicles within the max limit.

Constructed with aluminum, it’s no surprise it weighs so significantly less. But we liked the fact that it still maintains significant durability and structural strength thanks to the material.

For easy positioning, the saddle can rotate 360-degrees. The dual side handles included make positioning and moving this jack easier.

The two-piece handle is a very handy feature, no puns included. It’s 50” in length, making it so easy to pump without bending over and breaking your back. The lower half is wrapped in sleeve to prevent scratching the vehicle while the upper is grooved to assist in gripping. Talking of convenient pumping, we liked the efficiency of the hydraulic pumping system; it raised the vehicles in minimal pumps of the lever.


  • Reduced risk of slippages with knurled grips
  • 360-degree swivel saddle for simpler positioning
  • Durable aluminum materials
  • 2-ton maximum weight capacity
  • Lightweight at 49 lbs
  • Low-profile design to get under most vehicles


  • 2 tons of max capacity not enough for many vehicles
  • Little pricier than some would prefer

If you’re a DIY user looking for a good-quality, extremely practical floor jack for your use, this should be on your watch.

OTC 1532A Racing Jack

Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum material, the OTC 1532A Racing Jack is a state-of-the-art machine built for quick action on most small to medium sized vehicles.

The high-grade construction materials make it extremely lightweight, weighing just 43 lbs. This make sit ideal for home users, newbie mechanics and auto enthusiasts who need a portable device for their hot wheels.

While it provides a decent maximum lifting weight of 2 tons, its real strength is its super-quick pumping action, and the really low profile.

In order to take it to its peak height of 18″, it only takes a total of five pumps. So, users who run short on time or are seeking a convenient machine in general will like this one. At its lowest, it sits at the very low height of 3 ½”. So, it’s suited for people who are looking to work on cars that are very low to the ground, like sports cars.

To prevent slipping and protect the vehicle, there is a rubber saddle included.  

For easy and quick set-up, you can simply snap the two-piece handle together. To further aid the transportation process, there are side-mounted handles available.


  • Side-mounted handles for faster transportation
  • Rubber saddle protects the vehicle & prevents slippages
  • Low profile design
  • 2-ton weight capacity
  • Aircraft grade aluminum materials are strong & durable
  • Lightweight at 43 lbs


  • Can be prone to leaks
  • Lower maximum lifting weight
  • Steeply priced

We recommend this OTC Racing Jack for people who need a floor jack compact and easy to transport that is high on quality and low in profile.

ROGTZ Electric Floor Jack

Still quite new on the market, It is easily one of the best all-round options on the market. Built with heavy-duty material and powered with 12V electricity, it meets all your vehicle lifting need while being very convenient.

The first things you notice is the distinct design. It is triangular in design and has a large base to prevent the jack from being damaged. The thickening steel plates to make this unit even stronger. In all, it’s heavy-duty and durable.

It’s maximum weight capacity sits at a comfortable 3-tons, which is plenty to get jobs done on most passenger vehicles. Combined with the supreme build quality, and you realize that this device is fit for most professional repair shops, etc.

It opens up to a maximum height of 16.5″. While this is a bit lower than many other heavy-duty jacks on the market, you should still find plenty of rooms available to conduct your repair work under the vehicle’s belly.

Probably the single biggest deal-closer this unit offers is the electric-powered operation. At the touch of a button, it opens up to its max height in under 2 minutes! With 2 different saddles on offer, to work with different vehicles, this jack almost spoils you with convenience.

You don’t have to worry about it ever going above its height limit or collapsing under the excess weight. This is because there is a built-in failure system that prevents the jack from working if you try and go above.

On really utilitarian feature is the built-in LED flashlight to help you out If you want to use it at night. This lights up your workspace to make it more visible and safe.

You also get a sturdy suitcase to store all the various parts in an organized manner. This suitcase can also be used as a road sign for emergency breakdowns. It lets other road users know that you’ve broken down so that they’re more aware of your position for safety.


  • 3-ton weight capacity
  • The suitcase can be used as a breakdown road sign
  • LED flashlight for working in the dark
  • Strong & durable thick steel plate
  • It cuts out when past maximum weight capacity


  • Takes 2 minutes to reach its maximum height

If you’re looking for a jack that combines performance with convenience, this is the one.

Arcan XL20 Service Jack

The XL20 offers the Arcan trademark of superior build and a sleek aesthetic at a surprisingly affordable price.

Arcan’s XL20 Service Jack features a compact design while still offering you a versatile range of uses that you can expect from a regular-sized jack. This is a low-profile design. Therefore, you can get under the lowest cars to complete work without any hassle.

The low-profile jack has an impressive range to offer, precisely between 3 ½” and 18 ½”. So, it basically enables a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars, to hatchbacks and sedans to SUVs and lighter trucks to be lifted.

It can also lift a maximum of 2 tons. While there are heavier-duty options on the market, the overall package of features is perfect for all DIY use and even a lot of professional workshop use.

To make the lifting process faster, the company has equipped this jack with a dual pump piston. So, the jack can come up to its max height in just about 5-6 good pumps.

In order to prevent overloading from occurring, there’s a safety valve mechanism. This stops you from going anywhere outside of the jack’s lifting ranges.

With a joint release system that’s universal, you’re provided with the ability to have a lot of precision for added control during your jobs.

Heavy-duty steel materials have been used to construct this service jack. As a result, it’s very strong and durable, despite being light in weight. One of the biggest selling points is its affordable price; the jack is priced a fair bit lower than many other similar products on the market, which makes it a great deal.


  • Strong & durable steel construction
  • Joint release system for accuracy
  • Low-profile design allows you to get under low cars
  • Safety valve mechanism to protect you
  • The dual pump allows for quicker lifting
  • Compact design


  • Can be prone to trapping air
  • Can’t lift heavier vehicles like many trucks, etc.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable versatile jack for all IDY use and some professional-grade work, give this a shot.

NOS NSJ0301 Service: Best 3 Ton Floor Jack

The NOS NSJ0301 Service Jack can leave you bewildered. It offers a maximum lift equatable with almost all professional-quality jacks. And it is insanely light. How that comes to pass is what makes this a great product to own.

The NSJ0301 comes with a lifting capacity of 3 tonnes. So you’re basically assured of being able to lift almost all vehicles out there.

This particular tool is designed to be a low-profile jack, to help lift cars with a low ground clearance. Importantly, despite the low profile, the jack offers a lift range of between 3.75” and 18.125”, which is quite an impressive feat, especially for a jack that is so light and mobile.

It’s a lightweight jack that weighs in at an extremely low weight of 27 lbs. While being light, it’s still sturdy at the same time. During our tests, we were impressed by the stability of the design. The jack proved to be durable during heavy lifts, almost defying the lightness of its weight.

The low weight is a result of the aluminum materials that have been used. The side plates have been made thick and dense to add more strength and stability.

The lift arm has also been reinforced to enhance the strength capabilities. This works to provide the user with more control over the chassis torsion. For added control, you’re able to use the universal joint release system, along with the two-piece handle. And to avoid any scratching or damage to the vehicle from usage, the two-piece handle is covered in a rubber sleeve.

You’re protected from any potential danger that could come from overloading. This is because there’s a safety valve which prevents overloading from happening.

Adding to its portability are two caster wheels at the front of the jack. Additionally, there are dual handles located on the side which make transportation even easier.


  • Handles for easy transportation
  • Universal joint release mechanism & 2-piece handle for control
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading
  • Reinforced lift arm for strength
  • Durable aluminum materials
  • Lightweight 
  • 3-ton lifting capacity


  • The tubular lever doesn’t feel as sturdy as some were hoping for

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a heavy-lifting floor jack that is easily portable, you’ve found the perfect one for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that you know more about what the different kinds of jacks have to offer, you should also be aware that there are numerous factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

In this section, we’re going to take you through the main points that you should consider.


When searching for the most suitable option, the materials play a vital role in the construction quality.

The most common material is steel. Steel-made jacks are strong and durable, but they may be best for people working in garages or fixed locations. This is because they can be too heavy to carry around.

Aluminum floor jacks are best if you’re looking to be mobile with your repair work, due to their lighter weight. Conversely, aluminum jacks may not be as heavy-duty as some steel ones, so be mindful.

Sometimes, you’ll come across jacks that blend aluminum and steel together. In which case, they may provide you with an enviable combination best of strength and portability.


The lift range is a very important factor to consider before purchasing. Be sure to consider its minimal and maximum lift height.

If you need to be working on lower cars, like most sports cars and exotic cars, choosing a low-profile jack would suit you best. However, if you need something to lift larger vehicles, lookout for jacks that have a taller maximum height. Besides, ones with a higher maximum height will allow you a good leeway for you to work under the vehicle.


Similar to the height ranges, the weight capacity is a vital factor to think about.

Jacks that can lift two or three tonnes tend to be the most popular types available. This tends to be more than enough for most people. This is because they aren’t used to lift the entire weight of vehicles.

They are meant to lift part of the vehicle to give you enough room to get underneath and work comfortably.

We recommend using the 2-ton option on vehicles that are of a smaller/medium size.

When it comes to using larger vehicles, the 3-ton jacks would be your best bet. They provide you with more stability and assurance that it can handle the heavier weight. Same goes for if you’re looking for a professional-grade floor jack.

Types of Floor Jacks


A mechanical/scissor jack is a very popular option. It’s used for lifting one side of the vehicle to allow you to have easier access to change a tire.

These are the most inexpensive ones on the market. But, they involve more energy output to get the vehicle lifted.

Having said that, people gravitate towards these jacks the most due to how compact and mobile they are. Besides, they tend to be more affordable and provide enough utility expected from most.


Hydraulic floor jacks are another very common choice available. They are easier to use as a result of their hydraulic mechanism.

A hydraulic jack works by filling a chamber with oil which works as the fluid for the hydraulic pump. You then pull the plunger so that it goes from the storage area to the hydraulics compartment. To create pressure and lift the arm, the plunger then needs to be pushed forwards. The arm then stays in the desired position as a result of a ball check valve.

Hydraulic pumps require far lesser effort to operate as compared to mechanical option. But they do add to the cost and the weight of the machine. Both of which may be deal-breakers for casual/home users.

Piston/Bottle Jack

These are among the most forceful options on the market. They have a remarkable lifting capacity of 50 tons and more.

They work like the hydraulic jacks, with the exception of their upright position.

You need to have a lot of space to use them best. Therefore, they aren’t the best options for people working on vehicles in garages. They are better choices for people working on larger job sites with more room.

How to Safely Use a Floor Jack?

Don’t Rush!

Taking your time throughout the entire process of using a floor jack is imperative for your safety. This is especially the case when you’re lowering it.

Parked Vehicle

Before lifting the vehicle on a jack, be sure that the handbrake is up and it’s in park. This ensures that the vehicle is completely stable and still which is safer for you to work on.

Using chocks is an added precaution to keep the vehicle completely stationary. They go up against the tires on the side of the car that isn’t being lifted. They stop the car from rolling anywhere while you work.


Make sure that your jack is on a surface that’s flat. If it slips while in use, it could be very dangerous.

It can be easily avoided by using it on a surface that’s solid and has no slopes.

Final Thoughts

So, those were the 10 best options that are available in the market right now. You can feel confident in the fact that you know more about the features, pros, and cons that each of them has to offer.

Be sure to carefully consider how you’re going to be using a jack. This will make it a lot easier to narrow down your search and find the ones that suit your needs best.

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