Best Recliners for Sleeping Reviews of Mar. 2019

Sleeping on a recliner is the most comfortable choice especially if you have back pain or any other injury. 

If you are looking for the best recliners for sleeping then, 

You should consider one of the below options for a better sleeping experience and more comfort.

Our Top Pick

For those smaller apartments, the Teyana Black Leather Recliner Club Chair is one of my favorites for the price. Once again, the Faux leather will give it some style and the reclining feature offers a ton of comfort. This chair has an ergonomic design, something that many people tend to pay a lot of money for in other chairs.

Our Premium Pick

With a Zero Gravity design, the Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair is one of the best chairs when it comes to features. Not only does it come with 6 states of the art programs that can be controlled via a remote control, but also the heating feature. It features numerous safety features as well, for when you fall asleep.

Our Budget Pick

If the first one is a little out of your budget, I am sure the Esright Massage Recliner Chair will be great. It is one of our top picks and comes with a decent massaging feature that helps anyone relax. One of my favorite parts is definitely the stylish PU leather design. This also makes it work well with virtually any décor in your home.

If these don’t grab your attention, continue reading to find even more great recliners!

ProductsWeight(pounds)FeatureCheck Price
Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna200Computer Body Scan TechnologyBuy Now
Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric77USB Plug on Activation SwitchBuy Now
NHI Express Addison Large Contemporary Mocha Microfiber60Hardwood FrameBuy Now
Teyana Black Leather Recliner Club84Faux LeatherBuy Now
Bonded Leather Living Room100Bonded Leather UpholsteryBuy Now

Best Recliners in the Market Today

Now that you have seen 3 of the best options that we tested, there are many others as well. I like sleeping and many hours of sleeping has passed by with these chairs actually serving the basis for them. If you would like to have your ultimate Sunday afternoon chair for sleeping, consider any of the following additions for your home:

#1. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Best recliners for sleeping

The Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner is one of the very best chairs that you could find on the market today. It features a Zero Gravity design that certainly gives you the feeling of an astronaut going into space. Made from top quality leather, it lends a little style that could definitely help top amp up the overall look of your home.

This recliner comes with 6 different programs, all designed for not only relaxation, but they can be used for healing potential injuries as well. An additional heating system is included to help with blood circulation, but this is a great way to fall asleep. If you are afraid of the seat overheating, the chair will automatically shut off the heating feature after 30-minutes.

One of the reasons why many people have not bought this chair is the excessive price. Unfortunately, you will be paying a little extra for some of these features, but they are all worth it in the end. Additionally, you receive a 3-year limited warranty with a service warranty, as this chair does need to be serviced.


  • Ergonomic design with L-Track technology
  • Includes a massage and heating feature
  • Multiple functions to control
  • Includes a great 3-year warranty
  • Stylish design


  • Really expensive

#2. Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric Chair

Lifestyle Power

If you simply look for something that will help you have some additional comfort once you get home, the Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric Chairf is one of the top options. The Taupe design actually looks timeless and can be used in any room to enhance your décor. However, the best feature is the ability to retract back to the wall once you are done with it.

Since the entire chair is electronically controlled, you have the ability to add your own charger to the device. The USB port might not charge your device really fast, but still fast enough to ensure your battery is full when waking up. I also find the materials to be durable, but they do retain dirt quite easily and need to be cleaned often.

While this chair does not have the heating and massaging feature, it is still really comfortable for every user. I find it to be affordable for all of these features and the space-saving design also makes it perfect for every apartment or room. If you are looking for something that can be used in your office when you take a break, this is a great chair for comfort.


  • Timeless design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Space-saving
  • Includes a USB charging port
  • Great for sleeping


  • Retains dirt quite easily

#3. NHI Express Addison Large Contemporary Mocha Microfiber Recliner

 NHI Express Addison Large Contemporary Mocha

When I see microfiber used for anything, the first thing that pops into my head is a really comfortable product for sleeping or sitting. Fortunately, the NHI Express Addison Large Contemporary Mocha Microfiber Recliner is made with microfiber and features a contemporary design that serves to impress virtually anyone.

While it might be heavy with the hardwood frame, this does amp up the durability and virtually anyone can now comfortably enjoy sitting in the chair. I have found it to be stain resistant, which means that any spills can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. The only real downside is moving the heavy frame around the house when needed.

This chair is available in multiple different colors and I have seen many people make them part of their furniture set in the living room. They are also really affordable, which means that everyone can buy one of these chairs. Spicing up your living room has never been so easy than making the investment for this chair.


  • Stylish microfiber design
  • Really affordable
  • Really easy to clean
  • Simple and effective design


  • It might be a little heavy to move around

#4. Teyana Black Leather Club Chair

 Teyana Black Leather Club Chair

The modern era likes to throw a few things at us and we always have to budget. However, your tight budget should not keep you from relaxing. I mean, the more relaxed you are the less stress you have, leading to more productivity and money as well. The Teyana Black Leather Club Chair is one of these budget options with a stylish Faux leather coating.

It reclines back with ease and this can also be changed when you feel you need to get up. It might not give you the deep recline of the Zero Gravity chairs, but this is more than enough for sleeping. Since most of the materials are leather, wiping the chair can be easy. However, you might need to spend some time treating the leather as well.

As you might have noticed, this is our ultimate budget pick and it is one of the most affordable options. However, they are available in numerous different colors, but some of the other colors are a little more expensive. Nevertheless, this is one of my all-time favorite chairs and I believe it can work in any room, even for your office.


  • Really affordable
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Decent recline for sleeping
  • Stylish design


  • Leather needs to be tended to from time to time

#5. Bonded Leather Living Room Chair (Best Electric Power Recliner)

Bonded Leather Living Room Chair

Now, when we look at style, we all want to have some sort of chair that will amp up the look of our homes. The Bonded Leather Power Electric Chair is a comfortable leather recliner that will look stunning in virtually any room. The bonded leather upholstery is what also makes a massive difference and it can easily be cleaned.

Instead of having to manually recline the chair, you have the automatic recline feature since it is electrically powered. Yes, you might need to place it near a power source, but the recline features come very close to the Zero Gravity feeling. I also found it really easy to assemble, even with limited mechanical skills and tools.

As for the price, this chair is slightly more expensive, but it is unrivaled when it comes to style. If you don’t like the chair and your wife loves to have a classy home, this is one of those chairs that she will love to have. We definitely recommend it to anyone looking to amp up the overall look of his or her home and have a comfortable sleeping experience on a Sunday afternoon.


  • Really stylish leather design
  • Assembles in a matter of minutes
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Fully automated


  • A little pricey for no massager

#6. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright Massage

What we ultimately look for in a great recliner for sleeping is to feel comfortable, with a few additional features that offer comfort and relaxation. The Esright Massage Recliner Chair is an affordable chair with a stylish design that should help you fall asleep in a matter of minutes with the heat feature that has been incorporated.

With cup holders and storage bags, this will be the chair every man turns to for improving their man cave. Now, you can simply play your video games and have a beer at the same time while no one is complaining. The ergonomic design we mentioned earlier plays a massive role in making this chair some comfortable for every body type.

You might think that this is one of those premium chairs that will cost you an arm or a leg. However, it does, this chair is really affordable and offers a ton of great value for your money. It might not have a great warranty, but it does not give people troubles for many years, which is why I decided to find one for myself.


  • Really affordable
  • Includes the heating feature
  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic design for more comfort


  • No real cons experienced so far

#7. Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Graphite Microfiber Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Graphite Microfiber Rocker

Last but certainly not least, we have a microsuede design for the Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner that will definitely rub against your body and offer you a comfortable sleeping experience. It also has a contemporary design that might not match your modern home, but definitely helps to bring some of the older styles back.

This chair will not only recline back to give you some of the ultimate comfort that you desire, but the rocker feature also works well for falling asleep. Since it can be spot cleaned with water, you won’t need to worry about reupholstering the chair once you have owned it for many years. This will save you a couple of bucks in the long run.

Since suede has been used, it is one of the more expensive options on the market today. However, I do not really feel you can put a price on having something stylish that offers you comfort. I have used this chair in the office and it actually relieves stress to keep you focused and improve your overall productivity when you need to work.


  • Comfortable microsuede design
  • Features a rocker
  • Contemporary style
  • Spot cleaning technology


  • A little expensive 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Recliner for Sleeping:

Now that you have seen the top recliners for sleeping, you might also be wondering which features we actually used to choose them. Fortunately, we have noted them down to share with you and ensure you do make the best decision if none of these appeals to you. Here are the top features we used to choose the above-mentioned options:


When looking at the design there is so much more than aesthetics. The chair definitely needs to be stylish, but you also need to look at the features that will make it more comfortable. Having the heating feature or some of the massaging features will make the chair more comfortable and ensure that you have more things that could help you relax.

Additionally, the materials are fundamentally important. In the modern age, we all turn to leather and while leather is great, it does not have the contemporary look as something like suede. Suede can be a little more expensive, but I have found it to be much lighter and also better moisture wicking technology when it comes to sweat buildup.


If you live in a smaller apartment, having the space-saving feature will be beneficial. This feature works well for placing the chair against the wall. Once it has been placed against the wall, the chair can be operated to move forward and this will definitely make it much more comfortable when you need to conserve some of the space.


While not all of these chairs are electrically operated, having a motor is definitely beneficial. The downside is that the chair needs to be placed near a power source, but this still gives you access to some additional features. Having a USB charging port has helped me many times for having the mobile device charged before I wake up. Additionally, some of these chairs are remotely operated and you don’t need to worry about manually reclining them.

Normal Recline or Zero Gravity:

The normal recline feature is much cheaper and it is found in most of the normal chairs. You simply kick back and a small incline gradient will help you sit more comfortable. However, modern advancements in technology have brought us the same Zero Gravity design the astronaut’s experience when in a space shuttle. I like this advancement for sleeping and it definitely makes it even more comfortable and similar to that of your bed.

Cleaning Ability:

Unfortunately, we always need to clean our furniture and you don’t want something that cannot be cleaned easily. Fortunately, most of the chairs we have selected are easily cleaned by a simple wet cloth. This makes them great for your smaller children and their sticky fingers. It is worth noting that removing wine stains are a little trickier to do.


Not all of these chairs have a warranty included, but having one is great when you need peace of mind. If your chair is manually operated, this will not be as important, but we do recommend looking for the warranty to ensure some of the electronically operated chairs do have a backup plan from any potential manufacturer defects.

Recliners:  All The Top Types And The Benefits They Offer

It is one of the most sought after pieces of furniture used in the 21st Century. With life being such a rush, we are all looking for something spectacular that could potentially help us relax and improve the quality of life. With the design of the recliner, all of this has come to fruition and people are having more comfort with everyday life.

Recliner Types:

Traditional Or Stander Type:

Being the most common type on the market today, these are rather large and they take up a lot of space. They are ideal for larger rooms and larger individuals. Since they fully recline, you get the zero-gravity position that should give you the best possible comfort of any recliner on the market today.

Power Type:

The traditional type is designed with a lever or button that will slowly recline the chair. However, this can be a little timely for many people. Much like the traditional type, the power recliner offers you many benefits like zero-gravity. However, you now have the added benefit of an electric connection that will recline the seat for you.

Rocker Type:

This is more of an older type, but still offers a load of benefits for children and mothers. It is commonly used by mothers with newborns to rock them asleep. They can be found in large or smaller sizes and they have a proven record of helping babies for asleep whilst giving the mother some comfort.

Space-Saver Type:

If you find yourself in a smaller apartment, but you still want to have a recliner, the wall-saver is your best bet. They might have limit options when it comes to the range of motion, but definitely offers a ton of comfort. These do not need to be in the center of the room and can actually be placed against the wall.

Lift Type:

While these are not the type that you will buy every day, they have a proven record of being recommended by physicians after surgery. They are commonly recommended for the elderly and can actually recline flat. This allows the person to use it for sleeping in the afternoon in a much more comfortable way.

Massage Type:

It is one of the more advanced recliners and it is also quite expensive. However, it features a massage button that is commonly associated with the shiatsu form of massage. This can be a great chair for sportspeople and for just resting after a long day at the office. It also makes use of electricity and can potentially heat up as well.

Reclining Furniture:

For those with the money to burn and looking for the ultimate best,. You can find reclining furniture. Sofas and even large couches are designed to both recline and offer you comfort in your home. Now you can actually enjoy a movie night with your loved ones and everyone can enjoy using the reclining feature of the furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Recliners:

Whilst doing research, it is no secret that there are many people with questions related to recliners. We have asked a few professionals to assist and answer some of these questions that you might also have potentially:

Q1. Are Recliners Bad For Your Neck And Back?

Ans: It depends on the type, you are using. If the recliner does not have some sort of support structure for your lower back, it might be harmful. Options with the zero-gravity feature are recommended for bad backs.

Q2. How Do You Measure For A Slipcover For A Recliner?

Ans: First of all, you will need to measure them in the upright position. This will give you the height at its peak. You then need to focus thier width before actually placing it in the reclined position to find the length.

Q3. What Are The Best Recliners For Back Support?

Ans: Almost every option is great for helping you with a bad back, as long as it does support your lower back. However, the lift type and the massage type does stand out and both of them are recommended by physicians

Q4. Is A Recliner Bad For Sciatica?

Ans: It will all depend on the method you are using to sit. They might be bad for your sciatic nerve if you are seated with your legs in the air, but when bending your knees on the footrest, you are reducing the strain on the sciatic nerve. It is much better to consult your physician when using them with sciatica

Q5. Why do I sleep better in a recliner than a bed? 

Ans: The design of the recliner will help alleviate some of the stress and when it has some sort of back support, you can alleviate the pain, something we don’t commonly see in normal beds. Those with respiratory problems also find that having an elevated headrest is much more comfortable for most people.

Q6. What is the most comfortable recliner for sleeping?

Ans: The Esright Massage Chair remains one of my favorites for sleeping and relaxing with a well-deserved massage.

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