Best Vacuum for Stairs to Keep them Shining in 2019

Finding out the best vacuum for stairs is daunting task. 

But, You don’t have to worry. We have done the hard work for you. After considering all the major factors we have found the 5 best vacuum for stairs available in the market.

Our Top Pick

We found that the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum Cleaner works the best!

Priced under $90, it cleans the stairs really well without any annoyances. It is also extremely versatile, capable of cleaning all kinds of surfaces ranging from stairs all the way to carpets filled with debris. It’s compact, portable but at the same time is more powerful than you would expect from models of this size and cost. 

Best Vacuum for Stairs Comparison

ProductsWeight ( pounds)FeatureCheck Price
Shark Rocket Corded7.6Fingertip controlsBuy Now
Black+Decker CHV1410L2.6Smart Charge TechnologyBuy Now
HOOVER Air Cordless 20V 2.1Reusable Easy Rinse FilterBuy Now
Dyson V6 Trigger4Cordless handheld vacuumBuy Now
Bissell 362416.55 flex hoseBuy Now

1. Shark Rocket Corded: Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

Best Vacuum for Stairs

SharkNinja has been in the cleaning business for over two decades now. They create really high-quality and reliable vacuum cleaners that are also endurable. 

Unlike most of the products that are bulky and require you to move back and forth to clean surfaces, the Shark Rocket vacuum is easier to handle and lighter. It is portable and weighs under 4 pounds making it very easy to clean the stairs.

It comes with a 15-foot long power cord. You will never miss a battery pack for the same reason.

The feature I love the most about this Vacuum has to be the easy-to-empty dust cup. There’s no big pouch filled up with dust that is hard to clean and clear. Instead, with this cleaner, all you have to do is push a button to keep the dustout!

Talking about the cleaning prowess, the cleaner features a TruePet Motorized Brush which is known to perform for hours without any hiccup. It works well on carpets, floors, and stairs without any problem. It pulls hair, dirt, and dust quite well too.


  • Works well on stairs and other surfaces
  • Priced really well
  • Long-length cable
  • Portable
  • Powerful and reliable motor


  • Cannot be operated on battery
  • Dangling cable can get messy

2. Black+Decker CHV1410L Cordless Lithium

If you did some research to find the best vacuum for carpeted stairs, you probably came across Black+Decker brand. It is among the best brands when it comes to home appliances.

The CHV1410L is an excellent product. In fact, it is the best-seller on Amazon with over 14,500 customer reviews. And it’s easy to see why people love it so much.

It is portable and works exceptionally well on stairs. Powered by the 16V Lithium battery, it can run for 15 minutes straight before needing a recharge. It takes around 4 hours to fully charge the vacuum using the included fast charging base. The other thing I love about it is that you get 2-years to warranty on the product which gives a piece of mind.

After you are done cleaning your stairs, cleaning the dirt bowl is an easy affair. Just unscrew its head and you can dispose of all the dirt in seconds. In fact, you can go ahead and wash the dirt bowl just like a kitchen utensil.

The model is cordless which means you don’t have to move about dangling with wires. It is designed specifically for the customers who choose a lightweight design, convenience, and portability over anything else. And if you think this high-tech vacuum will be expensive, you will think twice. You can get it for under $50  which makes it a great deal.


  • Runs on battery with Quick Charge support
  • Priced lower than the competition
  • 2-years warranty
  • Highly Portable


  • It can’t do a deep cleaning
  • The battery isn’t user-replaceable

3. HOOVER Air Cordless 20V 

The Hoover Air may not be a brand that is as popular as Black+Decker but the products they make are just as good and maybe even a little better.

The Hoover Air Cordless does everything the CHV1410L can do and some more. For instance, instead of a 16V Lithium-Ion battery, you get a 20V battery on this one. Also, it is interchangeable and can be easily replaced by the user. Not that you will need to do it often as the installed battery comes with a hassle-free 2-year warranty.

One feature that doesn’t get a lot of attention but is really important (which is available in it) has to be the fade-free battery technology. What is this feature, you ask? Well, let me explain. Unlike most of the Lithium-Ion battery which loses power as it starts losing charge, a battery with fade-free technology holds the power till the battery completely runs out of juice. So, you won’t feel the loss of power and the ability of the vacuum to suck debris, even when the battery on the cleaner is critically low.

When it comes to cleaning the stairs, the Hoover Air Cordless is one of the best in business. It is specifically designed to clean up the stairs. It collects even the smallest of dirt and debris thanks to the powerful Turbo-capable motor.

The dust filter of this product can be rinsed in water and can be reused. The company recommends you wash it after using it 4-6 times. The Air Cordless 20V can be yours for under $65. It’s one option you should definitely consider checking out.


  • User-replaceable battery
  • Fade-free battery technology
  • Easy to clean dust filter
  • 2-year warranty
  • Solid pricing


  • Takes a lot of time to recharge
  • Many users have had a bad customer support experience

4. Dyson V6 Trigger – Cordless Stair Vacuum

If you want to get a premium product, you may want to look at the Dyson V6 Trigger. However, it has thrice as much suction power as all the aforementioned cordless options have. It is powered by Dyson Digital motor V6 Motor which is powerful but also really reliable. It has suction power of 100AW. Also, the suction doesn’t fade as you use it.

Its design is also something worth mentioning. It is designed to fit perfectly in the hand and you won’t find your wrist or arm aching after you use for a long period of time. Talking about the long period, the battery life on the Trigger is excellent. You can clean all the stairs of your home (and even all your floors) and still have juice left. You can expect around 20 minutes of usage on a single charge. Also, the battery uses fade-free technology which means the battery won’t lose power as it loses charge.

What’s more? If you find yourself in a tricky place where it’s hard to pick up dust, there’s also max power mode which pulls dust more effectively. You can also clear the bin with a push of a button on it.


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Quick battery recharge
  • Fade-free battery technology
  • Long-term reliability record
  • Works well in carpets and works well in stairs


  • Pricey
  • Small dust container
  • Cleaning dust container not particularly easy

5. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Cleaner

Last but not least, we have the SpotClean Professional Cleaner from Bissell. It’s a corded vacuum but the cable that comes with it is pretty long (22ft). So, you don’t need to worry all that much even if the power outlet is not very close to the stairs.

The Bissell 3624 has to be the most versatile vacuum on the list. It works great not only on stairs but in almost all kinds of surfaces including carpets, upholstery, stairs, area rugs, and car interiors.

The SpotClean Professional Cleaner comes with 6-inch Stair tool which attaches to the hose of the cleaner making it easy to reach tricky surfaces.

While other vacuum cleaners may be compact and portable, this one is quite large and has a huge dust tank area. It can hold 3/4  gallon before needing a clean-up.


  • Works well in all kinds of surfaces
  • Capable of deep cleaning
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes Stairs Tool
  • Long 22-inch power cord
  • Large dust container


  • Cannot be operated on battery
  • Some users mention quality control issues with a hose of the vacuum (which isn’t covered by the warranty)
  • Not portable

How to Choose the Right Vacuum?

Vacuums that works for me may not work for you. Everyone has their own preferences. Also, if you buy a vacuum for a specific kind of surface, it may not work that well for another kind of surface. So, you will want to look at a vacuum that will work in a wide range of environments.

The first thing you will want to do is set your requirements. For instance, check if you have a power port near your stairs. If you have it, a corded vacuum is what you should buy. If not, a battery-powered vacuum cleaner is your best bet.

Vacuum cleaners consume a lot of electricity and have motors that run at a very high speed. As such, the chances that the motor or the battery failing is higher than on other electric appliances. So, you will want to make sure that the vacuum you are purchasing is both efficient and reliable. More importantly, you will want to make sure that it comes with at least one year warranty (two is better and many good brands offer it).

The last thing you should look for is what all accessories you get in the box. Many vacuums come with different types of connectors which are designed to work well on tricky surfaces. If it’s included, it’s a great addition.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners 

Before you jump the gun and get yourself a new vacuum cleaner, let me introduce you to all kinds of vacuums you can buy. What works great for cleaning stairs may not work all that well in carpets and vice versa. So, you should be looking for a versatile cleaner that works well on most surfaces.

These are the more popular types of Vacuums that you will find in most stores:

1) Upright Vacuum

While not the most versatile, these have to be one the most popular ones. When we think of vacuums, it is the upright vacuum that comes into our imagination. They are large and heavy but at the same time really powerful.

Upright vacuums work best in carpet but modern upright vacuum also works really well on bare floors. They feature tilt-and push design and are really effective. They pick up dirt and debris effectively and can run without breaking a sweat for a really long time.

Nowadays, you can get cordless upright vacuums too. And many of them feature a big battery which should give 20-30 minutes of run-time.

Do keep in mind though, these are not the best kinds of vacuums for cleaning stairs and may not be able to reach all the corners easily.

2) Canister Vacuum

They have gained quite a lot of traction recently. The Canister has a long hose which can be detached from the dust tank. They come with a bevy of attachments which come in different shapes and sizes.

They are designed to work well in all kinds of surfaces. They feature motorized brush roll head which picks up debris really well. The key advantage that this type of vacuum has over Upright Vacuum is that it can be used to clean debris from curtains, walls, and ceilings.

However, it is not perfect. It is a hassle to carry this type of option around. Also, cleaning the stairs using it is not easy. You may require two people to clean the stairs using it.

3) Stick Vacuum

These are a portable but less powerful variation of the Upright Vacuums. Stick Vacuums are lightweight, slim and are mostly powered by a battery. They are perfect for cleaning stairs, under the kitchen table and work well if you have to clean under the bed.

However, they are not a replacement to Upright Vacuums. Stick Vacuum just isn’t powerful enough for deep cleaning. Also, the battery life of these vacuums is short when compared to full-sized vacuum cleaners.

4) Handheld Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for stairs, you definitely want to have a look at handheld vacuums. They are really small and are designed to be portable. You can get both corded and cordless variants of this vacuum.

They are more of a replacement to the dustpan and brush rather than full-size vac. But it’s not to say these are of no use. Cleaning up debris, crumbs, and dirt on tables is what this vacuum is best at.

5) Robotic Vacuum

‘Fancy’ is the term I like to use when it comes to Robotic Vacuums. These cleaners are smart and can automatically clean your room without any user input. In fact, when the charge runs low, these can guide themselves to the charger and start charging!

Most of the robotic vacuum also comes with phone app which also lets you remotely control it. They can get in small places and clean the area with ease. For instance, these can go under sofa and beds where other vacuums just can’t reach.

However, there’s a caveat that just can’t be overlooked. They work only on flat surfaces. So, cleaning something like a floor isn’t possible with this type of vacuum. Oh, and yes, they are expensive.

Check out this video to learn which type is the best for you:

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