Guide To Make Espresso At Home

You don’t need expensive home equipment to come up with a nice cup of home-brewed espresso. All you need to do is understand the processes that blend together to get you there. Although understanding the pressure, how to grind the beans and the roast does give you an edge, you will still need a coffee making machine that is up to the task.

Where to start?

Pressure is usually the bone of contention when it comes to espresso making at home. The amount required isn’t easy to achieve without a substantial amount of experience. This is why most people opt for specialized equipment. That said, if you are the first timer, you may need to watch a couple of tutorials, and do a couple of test runs before you get the hang of it.

The grind isn’t quite as complicated, this is because you can see the physical result, and so determining if your coffee powder is finely ground isn’t a difficult task. Lastly, the roasting process is quite straightforward, all you need is a set of porous coffee beans to give your final product a more flavored taste.

How to do it?

Espresso making needs equipment, as mentioned earlier, the bare minimum for you to have that great home-made espresso will either a Moka pot, an Aeropress, or a French press depending on the work you plan to put in.

  •  Here you will need freshly ground coffee powder, about 2 tablespoons, boiling hot water. Put the water in your coffee press. Leave it for a while. Then you will need to add the rest of the water and then lid it up. The pressing part is a bit tricky, don’t press it all the way down at first, do it halfway, pull the press back up and then down all the way. Quick and easy.
  • The rest of the processes are fairly similar, the Moka pot requires the same fine, freshly ground powder. The difference, however, comes in because you put use a stove top to cook the coffee, so you don’t have to boil the water beforehand. The coffee powder goes in the filter basket, and a hissing sound will indicate that the coffee is being forced through into the upper chamber of your Moka pot, once it fills up your coffee is ready.
  • The last technique uses the Aeropress. Here the key to success lies heavily on the pressure. If you do it right then you will have a great cup of homemade espresso, but if you do it wrong then it will ruin the better part of your day. After you’ve ground your beans, and you have about two tablespoons, you will need to press directly into the coffee cup. You’ll need a full cup of boiling hot water for this to work.
  • Once you’ve put the coffee powder into the Aeropress, all you need to do apply the appropriate amount of pressure, measure about ½ a cup of hot water and stir. Pull up, and then press again all the way down. All these techniques are pretty hands-on, so you’ll have to pay close attention if you want your homemade espresso to come out just right.

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