Health Benefits Of Sleeping On A Recliner

Sleep is a very important part of everyone’s cognitive functioning. We are advised to have at least 7 hours of sleep each day in order to rest the mind and body enough to allow for a fresh and relaxed state to perfectly go through your day.

Good sleep has much to do with where you sleep and that’s where a recliner comes in. A recliner is an armchair that allows you to lower the back of the armchair and raise the front to form a bed like position.

Most recliners have a footrest which is either automatic or controlled by a lever on either side of the armchair.

Below is a guide on how to choose the perfect recliner for your sleeping needs.

How To Shop For A Recliner Arm Chair?  

  • First choose a fabric depending on the purpose for buying the recliner, for rest and good sleep choose soft leather or smooth velvet.
  • Style. Will it be a more formal setting or a relaxed bedroom setting? Consider the user’s health profile.
  • The frame. Metal, hardwood or soft wood.
  • Motor function. These provide relaxation on the arms and hands.
  • Safety. Make sure the recliner is safe for use.

Health Benefits Of Sleeping On A Recliner

  • They provide excellent lumbar, shoulder and neck support.
  • Good for lounging and relaxation.
  • Relieves stress keeping you from mental strain and ultimately back pain.
  • Improves blood circulation by directing the flow of blood.
  • They help with aching joints by essentially arching the muscles downwards.
  • Recliners position your body at a relaxed state allowing the rushing blood to settle.
  • They have different cushions to suit your health needs from neck pains to the feet.
  • They elevate your feet allowing the blood to flow evenly through your body.

Types of recliners

  • The rocker recliners. There are different angles you can adjust this recliner to depending on your space and need.
  • Two position recliner gives you the upright sitting position or reclined position options. It also has the dual-motor variant allowing you to operate the footrest independently.
  • The classic recliners, these are basic, plush and stately.
  • The push-back recliners have a mobile back without a built-in footrest.
  • Wall hugging recliners are good for weak knees and limited mobility. They’re designed to be kept close to the wall.
  • Riser recliners or lift chairs are made especially for people with disability due to their ability to move back and forth at the push of a button.
  • Massage recliner chairs pump your tired joints giving you tranquility and are electrically operated.

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Doctor’s recommendations

  • Most doctors recommend recliners for people with tense muscles and painful body meat.
  • They advocate for recliners with foot rest to enable equal blood flow throughout the body.
  • They advice the use of riser recliners to ease mobility for the elderly or physically challenged.

In conclusion, recliners have been known to significantly reduce the level of discomfort for anyone who uses them and improve their functioning because of the different elements of therapy and relaxation they introduce to your body ranging from classic basic recliners medical massage recliners. Hence the importance of these genius armchairs cannot be stressed enough.

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