How Much Should I Pay For Cordwood ?

If you are wondering how much should you pay for cordwood, we have got the answer for you. But the answer isn’t as simple as you wish it would be.

You see, just like length is measured in miles and the weight is measured in pounds, wood is measured in cords. But the problem is, the term ‘cord’ is used differently in different regions and a lot of firewood dealers try and take benefit of it. So, if you aren’t clear about the concept of cord, chances are, you will be ripped off.

A full cord (4x4x4 inch) is the official firewood measurement standard. However, four feet pieces of wood are almost never used in home heaters. As such, wood dealers don’t sell in this official measurement standard. It’s the reason why calculating the cost of a cord of wood is so difficult.

And that’s just one part of the problem. The other thing that makes determining the price of cordwood difficult is the quality of the wood. You may pay a lot less for a cord and still may not be getting the best value. When it comes to firewood, buying a cheaper cord isn’t always the best deal.

Features Of A Cordwood That Increases Its Price But Makes It More Valuable:

  • Shorter lengths cost more as they more difficult to handle and takes more time for cutting
  • A firewood that is cut in consistent length is convenient to have but is more expensive as the dealer has to spend more time matching and equalizing the length of the wood
  • Dry woods costs more because it has been stored longer and in the right conditions
  • Cleaner firewood is more expensive but is a lot better for the health and much pleasant to use

There’s also demand and supply. In the summer, there are very few people using the heater and as such the demand firewood is quite low. But in the winter, as you can imagine, dealers have difficulty keeping up with the demand. And hence, the prices are a lot higher. 

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The average cost for a cordwood

As we mentioned, there can be a lot of variables which ultimately determines the price of the cord. But in general, you can expect to pay between $130 and $200 for it that is seasoned and evenly split.

Do note that, it is an average cost for an entire year. In winter, you can expect to pay a lot more. Customers in the U.S. pay anywhere between $200 to $350 per cord in the winter.

If you plan on buying them, we recommend you to do local shopping in your area and compare prices between the dealers and check the quality of the wood.

One trick we use all the time to lower our costs is to stock wood for winter before the cold hits. When it’s time to use the heater, you neither have to pay more nor do you have to worry about not getting the required quality or quantity of cordwood.

Advantages Of Building Home Using Cordwwod

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