Quickest Way to Change Your Headlight Bulb like a Pro

We’ve always adorned our cars like our second child and are always up for anything to make them look and feel better. A lot of us even like to get those fancy headlights available in the market. Driving thrills us; but at the same time, car safety is also extremely important.

Therefore, you must have a momentous schedule to keep a check on your car servicing and petrol needs. But, apart from this, one thing which is advisable is to monitor your headlight status continuously. Not only is it dangerous but also illegal to drive without headlights to prevent any kind of road mishaps.

And you will reach a stage where you will have to replace them as the old bulb works no more. But, let me take you away from the misconception that you need a mechanic to change that. Nope! Ahan, you’ve got it right. Changing your headlights is hardly a 7-10 minutes procedure and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be doing it all by yourself every time.

Things you need to change your Headlight Bulb:

First and foremost, we shall see what we require for the procedure.

  • The primary step is to identify the best headlight bulbs for your car. You can check it in the manual given by the car company or get the checked by your local car service center or auto parts store. Make sure that you identify which bulbs need to be changed i.e lower beam or higher beam. Sometimes, it can be both.
  • Identify the type of lights used in your vehicle. You will get this information in the user manual again. There are three types of headlights available in the market- Halogen, LEDs, and Xenon.
  • You shall also require some alcohol wipes and tissue paper for handling the bulb.
  • Screwdriver.

Easiest Steps to Change your Headlight Bulbs:

  1. Shut off your car and make sure you operate on it after your engine cools down completely.
  2. Open your car bonnet.
  3. This step is important- You have to locate the head bulb. In some cars, you just find it and remove it out. But, sometimes you have to remove other parts to remove the head bulb. After you open the bonnet, it’s obvious that you will find the head bulb at the front part of your car. The bulb will be attached to three wires and placed in a bulb holder. The technical name for the part leading the three wires is called the power connector.
  4. The next step is to detach the power connector from the bulb. These wires are attached to the base of the headlights and held by a screw cap, metal clip or a plastic catch. Detaching them is not a jargon, so relax! In case of the plastic catch, pull the level downwards and pull the plug out. If your car has a metal clip, turn it in your direction and pull it away. Speaking of a screw cap, rotate it anticlockwise after unscrewing it.
  5. This is pretty easy, rotate the blub and pull it out of the holder. If your car has a bit of advanced features, you won’t have to rotate it.
  6. Now, hold the new bulb with a tissue paper and clean its base and glass using alcohol wipes to prevent any kind of damage.
  7. The installation process is really easy as you’ve got the hang of getting the bulb out. It’s simple; this process is just the reverse. After you’re done cleaning the bulb, place it in the bulb holder- again the same process, either rotate it or place it directly depending on your car mechanism. Clean any dust accumulated around it and close the bonnet. Start the car and check the results.
  8. Hola! You’re done with changing your car headlights.

In case the newly installed doesn’t work then it may be a problem with the wiring which will require professional assistance.

And if you’re on to change the tail lights of your car, the procedure more or less remains the same. Here, you don’t have to remove the electric wiring. Just pull out the ball and place the new one. 

Check out this video to learn how to restore headlights:

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