Ways to Detail Your Car Using Steam Cleaner That Work Like a Charm

Ever tried your hand at detailing a car? You may fully agree with me that it is a tedious job. Cleaning all the crevices and folds in the interior of a car is difficult. You need to clean the floor mats and even the floor.

The seats, vents, and every other difficult-to-reach points need cleaning too. There may be dirt, food particles and more in them. The paint on the exterior surface of a vehicle also can undergo severe changes with time.

If cars are not cleaned regularly, there may be an accumulation of dirt on them. Faulty cleaning material and method may also give rise to tiny scratches on the surface. You need to clean the exterior surface too.

In fact, you need to give every bit of the car a deep cleaning since dirt can be harmful to it. You can use a steam cleaner to make your job easy.

Things to Do to Detail Your Car

Vacuum Before Steaming

You need to vacuum clean the mats, carpets as well as upholstery.  These elements catch dirt easily. However, a simple steam cleaner can remove only small debris of dirt. Vacuum the elements thoroughly before using the steam cleaner. If the device has an integrated vacuum cleaner, the task becomes all the easier.


To clean the seats use a microfiber cloth on the triangular tool at medium pressure.  If the seat is very dirty, use the triangular brush of the device on the surface of the seat directly and scrub it with the bristles. After steam cleaning, you need to cleanse the debris with a clean microfiber cloth.  

Windows and Cupholders

The window squeegee tool is useful while steam cleaning the windows. You can also spray steam first and then clean it off with a microfiber cloth. The cup holder may contain sticky residue of drinks. Direct steam on it with the lance and then wipe off with a microfiber.

Door Trims

It is really difficult to clean door trims unless you use steam. High-pressure steam can blow away not only dirt but also grease by melting them. Wipe the remnants with a microfiber cloth after the steam wash.

Consoles and Dashboards

Dashboard, steering wheel etc are some of the most difficult areas to clean. These are also sensitive places. Direct low-moisture steam with the lance on surfaces like steering wheel control, radio, vents, buttons etc to easily remove dirt and odor.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system can harbor allergens. You need to direct hot steam directly into the vent with the help of the lance. This will remove the allergens.

Engine bay

The engine bay containing the engine and the fuel system needs to be cleaned too. However, you should never use high pressure jet. You should not use steam when the engine is hot. Let it cool down. Before cleaning you need to cover the electrical wiring and electronic parts with aluminum or plastic foil lest these should get damaged. Before using steam try to pick visible dirt pieces by hand.

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