Tips for Using A Portable Steam Cleaner

Unlike other types of steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners are quite simply the definition of utility value. They can be used for anything from blasting dirt out of crevices to cleaning clothes, to sanitizing materials.

These versatile, portable steam cleaners can in handy in a variety of situations. If you are quick on your feet, then the following tips will help you get the most out of your portable steam cleaner.

Tips Which You Can Imply While Using A Portable Steam Cleaner

Safety is always important when it comes to electrical appliances, these tips are meant to ensure you do a good cleaning job, and you don’t injure yourself in the process.

  • Ensure you buy your steam cleaner from a reputable store. It needs to have an approval stamp or seal from the relevant authorities. You don’t want a faulty electrical appliance exploding while you use it. Plus there are warranty issues to consider.
  • Read the manual!! This cannot be emphasized enough, most people go ‘ham’ on electrical appliances without properly reading the instructions. This leads to accessories being improperly fitted, which can be potentially dangerous. Reading through instructions ensures you are able to properly secure and attach parts of your steam cleaner.
  • You also need to keep in mind that you are using an appliance that is designed for a specific purpose. Make sure you stick to cleaning. Using a steam cleaner for anything other than the use it was designed for may cause it to malfunction.
  • Steam cleaners tend to have a high heat and moisture output, so it is advisable to use them on surfaces that are properly sealed, and are not susceptible to changes in heat and humidity.
  • Hard water is also not recommended for use in steam cleaners. If you can, try and constantly use distilled water.
  • Temperature variations are also an important consideration. Especially when dealing with breakables such as glass or porcelain. If it is a very cold day, refrain from using your steam cleaner on these breakable surfaces.
  • Note that after you release the trigger, there is still some steam and moisture that is expelled from your steam cleaner. It is advisable not to point it at someone, or plants, or anything that cannot withstand that kind of heat.
  • Don’t refill your steamer before you unplug it, the rushing steam can easily cause burns.

Insane Time Saving Tips

No one likes to do chores all day, they are long and tedious and annoying. But, with the right technique, your steam cleaner can help you save a lot of valuable time.

  • If you are using tools with covers or cloth pockets, make sure you concentrate on the least dirty items and work your way to the ones that are most dirty. This will contribute substantially to longevity.
  • On items like door frames, ensure you go top to bottom. Cleaning bottom to top is counterproductive, and you may end up having to re-do the entire process.
  • Ensure you have everything you need at arms-length. Having to constantly run around trying to find cleaning accessories will take up a lot of time and energy.
  • Set a timetable, have a route planned. Make sure you know when and approximately how long your cleaning process will take. Map out where to start and where to finish. This type of organization will allow you to complete your tasks with minimum interruptions.
  • Check the cloth covers on your steam cleaner to ensure they are clean, this will ensure you don’t smear dirt on surfaces while you clean.
  • Empty your steamer of water, wash it and dry it thoroughly so it is ready for the next cleaning session. This will ensure there are no leftover dirt particles.

Things To Avoid While Using Steam Cleaner

portable steam cleaner
  • Do not linger for long on wallpaper, cardboard or wood surfaces. The heat from your steam cleaner may damage these surfaces.
  •  It is also not advisable to use your steamer on running colors, or fabrics that are delicate, or, essentially any item that cannot withstand the heat.
  • Musical instruments are also a no-no! Your guitar may look like your wooden furniture, but the finish is very, very different. Do not use your steamer on musical instruments under any circumstances.
  • You should also refrain from using your steamer on freshly waxed, polished or painted surfaces. The heat will peel it right off
  • Lastly, don’t use your steamer on antiques, mostly because of the varnish finish, do not also use on laminate floors, or nylon mesh windows, or any other surface that does not have a high affinity for heat!

As one of the most versatile electrical appliances, the portable steam cleaner has a variety of approved uses.

Approved Uses

  • If you have pets, and your pet cages are made from metal wire, then the steam cleaner can be a great tool to use to get rid of the dirt in the hard to reach places.
  • If you have an accompanying steam duster, you can also use your portable steam cleaner to clean drapes and door tracks.
  • It can also be used to clean garden tools, provided you make sure you clean it after use to get rid of any left-over dirt tracks.
  • If you have ceramic tiles or porcelain finishes, the steam cleaner can be a good way to clean these items. Note that this only works if they are sealed, or glazed. If this isn’t a condition, then it is important to proceed with care, don’t linger too much on one spot, the heat may damage the surface.
  • Lastly, your steam cleaner may also be useful when cleaning mold off the walls or off decking materials, in cleaning and sterilizing countertops, in sanitizing sinks, cleaning the dirt off appliances, sanitizing beddings and cleaning ceiling fans. It definitely spells ‘utility value’.

If used correctly, the portable steam cleaner is one of the most feature-rich, versatile appliances you can have in your home. It doesn’t just clean, it sanitizes and ensures you have a clean, germ-free home for both you and your family.

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