7 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets! Oh, how they glorify the look of our homes. But, this glorification doesn’t come cheap, it’s pretty much expensive and a lot of thought process goes into the entire procedure- From choosing the right one to the carpeting of the house. Therefore, once you get it done, it’s very important to take care of it to make them last longer.

Keeping your carpet neat and clean makes a huge difference in the overall ambiance and feel of your home. Remember, cleanliness is good for your children and pets too!

That’s why; we have summed up 7 quick tips which will help you keep your carpet clean.

Clean it Every day

Cleaning your carpet every day is something our mothers and grandmothers swore upon and for a reason! Dirt and small debris gets caught up in the carpet very easily and accumulating them isn’t a great idea. Firstly, it starts giving an odor and its quiet unhealthy for you and for your children as well. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet before you vacuum it to prevent any kind of odor formations.

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Cut or Trim Snags

Snags make regular appearances especially if you have pets or kids and you drag your feet a lot while walking. While pulling them isn’t a very good idea, you can trim them with a pair of scissors as it will give the carpet a well-polished look. You can also trim them with a razor for an even surface depending upon the material.

Enter with Clean Feet

My dear fellas, we have doormats outside the house for a reason. Always remember to remove your shoes and wipe your feet before entering your home. This will prevent any dust and dirt stuck on your feet to stick on the carpet.  

Train your Pets

Pets are really cute and boredom busters of our homes, but at the same time, training them is utterly important. You definitely don’t want to keep on inviting hard stains on your carpet. Train them on their pooping habits and make sure to use repellents.

A repellent is a quick and an easy solution for your untamable pet. It keeps the pets away from carpets. You can use white vinegar, lemon job or rubbing alcohol as a natural repellent. Apart from this, a variety of them are available in the market.

Act Fast on Tough Stains

This is for all the procrastinators out there! Make sure to wipe out any stain like wine, tomato ketchup, juice, mustard etc as soon as they fall on the carpet. After they dry it’s a tedious task to work on them. Working on these stains also has a method. Do not wipe or rub them; use the blotting method instead. This will prevent the stain to spread out further.

There are many quick life-savers to remove such stains such as- shaving cream, ice (particularly for chewing gums), lemon, Club soda (for wine and beer), dishwasher detergent (for greases), and hydrogen peroxide (for blood stains). Don’t forget to wipe your carpet with hot water after trying any one of these methods.

Fun-Frenzy and Party Outside

To keep your carpet away from hard and difficult stains, have your parties outside. If you stay in an apartment, make sure to proof your carpet from stains beforehand.

Deep clean your carpets periodically

Deep cleaning is required to bring back that shine and freshness on your carpets. This also adds more years to your carpet-life. The steam given by professionals makes it grime-free again. It is also much more hygienic and adds to your healthy lifestyle.

If you want to avoid professional charges, there are DIY Carpet cleaner machines available in the market such as RugDoctor which you can explore.

These were some of quick and easy to check tips which you can use to keep your carpets clean. One personal recommendation for a refreshing carpet cleaning would be to mix 1 cup of baking soda, 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil and ½ cup of borax (if you have pets). Prior to vacuum, sprinkle this mixture on your carpet and let it absorb this for 15 minutes. You’re all set for a refreshing home!

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