Vacuum Cleaners For Different Type Of Surfaces

We all know how important the vacuum cleaner is to your home. Not only does it make removing dirt a little easier, but you can find it takes out a big chunk of the time that is needed to clean your home. However, not all vacuum cleaners are the same and many of them have different purposes or they work better for different surfaces.

Today, we are not looking at the best vacuum cleaners, but much rather focusing on which vacuum cleaner works the best for each different surface. Your home might not have a variety of different surfaces and this means you will only need one specific type to get the job done. Instead of wasting your time with the wrong vacuum, you can now easily choose the right type.

Which Surface Requires What Vacuum To Get The Job Done?

Before we start dissecting the different surfaces and focus, on which vacuum will make your life easier, you should note that a vacuum cleaner might have multi-purpose uses. One of these instances is when the vacuum comes with a variety of attachments. Due to this reason, you might find the same vacuum being great for numerous surfaces:

1.Counter Tops And Small Dust Patches

Small dust patches can be found anywhere around your home and they can be a real pain to deal with if you have a massive vacuum. Yes, most vacuum cleaners can clean your countertop effectively, but why do you want to go through all of this hassles. A handheld vacuum cleaner is best-suited for cleaning up these smaller messes.

The handheld vacuum cleaner has a ton of benefits and these include the ability to be used anywhere. Due to the portable and lightweight nature, they are easy to control. Unfortunately, they might lack a little bit of suction power when cleaning rough carpets.

2. Carpet

Most homes I have visited or lived in has led me to see a common trend. People are generally moving away from the carpet nowadays to make room for a smooth surface. Yes, it can be much colder, but the overall maintenance is easier. However, you still find many older homes that rely on carpets to furnish the surface.

When it comes to your carpet, you need power. The extra suction power of many top vacuum cleaners allows you to clean deep in the carpet, especially if it is a little more fluffy than most of the others. An upright vacuum cleaner is much more suitable to clean these surfaces. While the canister can also work, it lacks maneuverability.

3. Smooth Surfaces And Tiles

As we have just mentioned, the smooth surfaces and tiles are the most common modern trend for homes. Not only does it look much better, but keeping it clean is not as sophisticated. To explain why it is not as sophisticated, you can basically rely on any vacuum cleaner that you currently have to get the job done.

However, a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner has become one of my favorites for cleaning the smooth floors and especially tiles. Since you have a simple switch to choose if you want a wet or dry clean, it can be used to mop up spills and even remove dust particles. Many other vacuum cleaners also work with water and this can be used to get rid of stains.

4. Upholstery

Nothing can frustrate me more than having to look at upholstery on the couch or any furniture and see the dust that has accumulated. It can be really frustrating to get rid of it and if you have pets, the frustration will build up even more. While washing them is an option, it can actually damage the materials and weaken them.

You will need a powerful vacuum cleaner to get the job done and this is where the canister design will flourish. You might need to have some sort of an attachment to ensure that you don’t damage anything, but it will have enough power to clean through everything with more ease. This might also require you to add some sort of treatment, especially when cleaning those expensive leather couches.

5. Hard Floors

If you like wood and you need to clean your wooden floors, there can be a lot of problems if it is not done the right way. Water is one of your biggest enemies and it can cause a lot of issues if you don’t do it with the right care. Most vacuum cleaners work well for wooden floors, but you will need to keep the weight to a minimum.

The stick vacuum cleaner is one of my favorites when looking at the hard floor. It does not need any water and you can remove the dust between wooden panels with the power that you are given. Since they tend to be much lighter than most powerful vacuum cleaners, they won’t leave any scratches on the floors

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6. Multi-Surface

I had to do a lot of thinking before including this, but it needs to be mentioned. Many homes have a variety of surfaces and spending on more than one vacuum cleaner seems like a ridiculous ideal. If you have multiple different floors, I would suggest looking at the various attachments. Cleaning your stairs through vaccum is a big task check out our detailed review of best vaccums for stairs . Some of the best brands will always offer a few attachments that can make life easier for you.


There are many more different surfaces that you might need to look at if you have a home with a different theme or style. However, these are the most common surfaces and the vacuum cleaners that will work the best for them. We recommend the stick and canister vacuum cleaners above all the other for their versatility.

Let us know what you think and if you have a surface that you are unsure about in the comment section below. We would love to read some of your thoughts and perhaps even add a few more vacuum types for specific surfaces.

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